The Landscape, June 18 Daily Reflection

The Mushroom

How often do you feel like that one little lonely mushroom trying to rise above the surrounding clovers and choking weeds, climbing endlessly to reach a point where you can see more? In your life do you feel like you are trying to climb to the top of your career so that you can see from the top? Are you trying to excel upward, to rise above the rest to be noticed and stand out for your unique qualities or are you like the clover, just one of many that wants no attention that would rather blend in and make the scenery beautiful from the unison of similarity?

There are many choices we make in our lives, one that changes our lives from a young age is the decision to be a part of the bigger picture by blending in or to stand out in a crowd driven by our unique talents that pushes us to stand out. God has made many clovers and many mushrooms and both make up the beauty in the landscapes of our lives. Is it better to push to the top or to just support each other in the journey? God made both creations for a specific reason we must follow what is right and good in our lives. The mushroom that sticks out gets the attention bad as well as good. The clover is seen but not individually but it has a wonderful purpose as well.

So which are you? Where have you decided to go in your life? As long as you are living your life, the gifts from God to the fullest does it matter if others notice you or not? We cannot all be mushrooms and we cannot all be clovers. It is ok to blend in and it is ok to stand out we have to look inward and decide which way God has called us to grow in our lives.

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