The Last Day of Summer, August 18, 2011 Daily Reflection

My kids

Just me and my kids went to a playground down on the Ohio River and then we took a leisurely walk down the riverside.  They love to watch the speedboats and the barges go down the Ohio. It was a bittersweet day. I love being with my children. I love their laughter, their questions, and their presence in my everyday life. I love the simple things like eating lunch together and talking about silly things. I just love my children.

Going back to school for many parents is a relief but for me it is a little sad. I miss my children when they are gone but they are never very far away, I can see their school from my window. I just don’t want to miss a moment of their childhood. I want to savor every laugh, enjoy every quiet moment and appreciate the gifts they are in my life. God blessed me with so many gifts and those 4 are at the top of the list.

The only constant in life is change and with change comes growth. I want my children to grow and to thrive. I can handle this change of my life by growing in other ways, by writing, speaking and leading retreats, and by sharing my faith and experiences with others. They will change and grow but so will I. I want to savor every moment of the journey, theirs and mine.

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