The Last, January 7 Daily Reflection

Jake in the polar express

“All aboard…the polar express!” With his comfy pajamas on and his bell necklace ringing Jake was off for the polar express parade at his school.  Jake and his dad built the engine together, painted the cardboard, put in the light and tied on the hanging bell for all to hear. The time was finally here and Jake led the parade all the way down the main hall of the school through the gym and back!

My last little one to go through kindergarten, the last time my husband gets to build a polar express float, the last time I will watch the parade. There are so many lasts with the last child. It’s as though we treasure it a bit more because we know how quickly it has gone with the first child. Just like the polar express it feels like their childhood is an express. Once they hit school it just flies by entirely too quick.

Every first for Jake is the last for me and so it is always bittersweet. Enjoy every moment you can savor with your children the first, the second, the third…the last. We cannot capture time. We cannot stop it we can only live in the moment and appreciate it while we have it.

Today, breathe in the present by holding your children tightly and telling them how much you love them.

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