The Leaf, December 2 Daily Reflection

The Leaf

“Mom look at the size of this leaf!” My son shouted.

Notice how it covers more than his face, yet he can just barely see past the tip of the leaf with one eye. That leaf is like our life here on earth. Our vision is impaired by the sheer size of the life we choose to live.  We can barely glimpse the goodness, the purity, our faith and God in others over top of that huge overwhelming and captivating leaf.

It is partially due to our humanity that makes us desire earthly possessions. We like shiny things with all the bells and whistles but it is in great part due to conditioning. All our lives we have been exposed to things and the desire for things. Our houses are filled with things some of which are essential to our needs such as things we cook with, things we sleep in, things we wear, things we use to bathe, things we take to stay healthy, food to nourish our bodies and books to help our minds grow. Other things also clutter our homes toys, knick knacks, all types of electronic devices, T.V.’s, IPods, Radios, Computers, Videogames and endless amounts of toys for children and adults ranging from Xbox to sports cars. We accumulate and are happy for a bit and then we want more and we accumulate and then we want more. All we can see in front of us is that great big leaf, that next big thing we desire, all the clutter of material possessions that fill our lives. But how can we live without all of these things; it is in fact impossible to live without these things right?

As Americans we have much more than we need we have, a great many of us, so many things that we want. There are many people in this world that live with much less and are happier. How is that possible you might ask? We have a culture with a desire to have all they want so how on earth could people be happier with less? Those people who live simply and I mean much more simply than anyone you or I know personally do not have that huge leaf blocking their vision from God and His ultimate goodness that leads us to complete happiness.

Our vision is impaired. Does it mean we should give all that we have away and live in poverty? No, it means we should reflect on what is blocking our vision and our path to God? Are you obsessed with getting a new car, house, furniture or better things? Are you looking within and reflecting on where true happiness comes from? Are you closing your eyes to the leaf and listening with all your heart to where you are being lead?

Today, just for a bit reflect upon what that leaf is in your life and how you can move it to find true goodness.

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