The Lego Creation, January 12 Daily Reflection

Spencer's lego creation

Spencer's lego creation

“Take a picture of it Mommy, take a picture of it!! Ethan counted the legos I used 80 legos to make it!  What do you think about it? Take a picture please!” Spencer was so excited to show me his large creation of legos and oh so very proud that he did it with his own two hands! I wonder, did he have a vision of what he would create when he picked up the first lego? Or did he just randomly start connecting them together and eventually the object began to form?

Do you have a vision in life for the way you want to put your “legos” together?  The type of family you want to have, the career you long for, the retirement you look forward to.  Or do you just go day by day connecting one little lego at a time not knowing exactly what it will lead to?  

We are all so different from one another!  I know people who make lists daily and never deviate from the plan they set in motion.  I also know people that literally just go with the flow and try not to plan things.  Neither way is better than the other way they are both different but they may get you to the same point in the end.  Of course the person that lives by lists and organizational skills would have a very difficult time just living in the moment.  The person who lives in the moment would have their spirit restrained by schedules.

How do you think God created each of us?  Do you think He had a vision for our creation?  Or do you think He just started creating and never stopped to think about a plan?  I believe God has a plan for each of us.  I believe God created us for a purpose and with very individual and unique ideas and ways to execute those ideas.  God made us different from each other, I think, so that we can learn from each other.  We can learn to see from another’s point of view, how to accept and to love each other.  Does it really matter how we build the “lego” creation as long as we build it with love and sensitivity to others? 

Today look around you and observe how others, coworkers, family members and friends choose to build with their legos. Try to learn something from it: acceptance and understanding of everyone’s unique traits that have been given to us by God.

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