The Librarian, July 30 Saturday Tidbit

local library

Running, climbing, talking, fussing, crying, checking out books, working on computers, reading newspapers, exploring shelves of books…they surround me…our community at a library.

Silence cannot be found and the librarian is not shushing anyone. She is just happy that life is booming within these walls. She sits with a smile on her face behind her computer fingers flying, scanning books, checking them out and chatting with the children. Gone are the days of Maryann the librarian at this public library. Instead she welcomes children, teens and adults excited to see those eyes eager to learn and love books. She giggles with a child who says “I know it by heart. I know this whole book by heart!”

It is free! The knowledge, the books, the experience, and the library! We should all stop by and make that librarian smile once again.

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