The light in others, August 24, 2011 Daily Reflection

Jake in the light

Why is it so much easier to see the light in someone else, especially those we love rather than to see that same light in ourselves? How can we look so lovingly on others we love even though we have witnessed their shortcomings and bad choices but when we look at ourselves we have disdain and regret for those same bad choices and shortcomings?

It’s just easier to love someone outside of ourselves for some reason. We forgive others more willingly, we have more compassion and we seem to give our love to others more unconditionally. Why can’t we do that for ourselves?

In order to love those in our lives so fully shouldn’t we practice by looking in the mirror, forgiving our sins, accepting our faults and letting the bad go so the good can enter? If we were able to do that to look straight into our own eyes and say “It’s really ok. I accept myself where I am for who I am. All I can do is love the “me” I am and try to continue to be the best person I was meant to be.” What would happen then? How would our self respect, confidence and overall joy carry over to all the other relationships in our lives?

It can’t happen overnight. It will take glimpses in the mirror, followed by long hard looks at ourselves. It will take reflection and thought and breaking down our walls. But it can happen little by little we can love who we are so that we can grow more fully towards that light.

Are you loved by someone else; your spouse, your children, your parents, your friends or God? If you are loved by someone then someone sees that light in you. They have witnessed your shortcomings and watched you make those bad choices but they love you anyway. If they can see the light in you then it must be there.

Today, think about the light that is trapped inside just bursting to be free. Think about the people who love you. Think about the people you love most. How much would your light add to their lives? Take a look in the mirror and start the journey towards the light that others see in you.

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