The Light Of Christ, January 31 Sunday Tidbit

The Light of Christ

“May the light of Christ surround you. May the love of Christ enfold you.”- not mine, it’s a song.

¬†Candles have been used for centuries to represent the light of Christ in the world. The small flickering flame seems so insignificant until it is in complete darkness, then it illuminates all darkness. Such is the light of Christ; in the light of day it may be difficult to see God but in the darkness and sin of our lives Christ’s small flame can turn it all into goodness and love.

Let each of us today on this Sunday be the light of Christ. Not a fire for all to see but a flickering flame, not extinguishable by man, may we always provide illumination of God’s love to all those around us at all times. When our friends, family, loved ones or strangers fall into sin, darkness or despair let our lives, generosity, kindness and love radiate the light of God through our very being.¬† Let the Light of Christ Surround US always!

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