The Light of the Sun, May 30 Sunday Tidbit

The sun's light

Squinting into the blinding light, fighting to keep my eyes focused, the brilliance of the sun warmed my face. Without effort and with such ease a cloud floated in front of the sun and my eyes relaxed, my view no longer slighted and my face felt the softest breeze, a small reprieve from the distant star’s heat. In awe I stood, puzzling the mysteries of God; His blinding power and radiant love as well as His simple quiet whisper on the slightest breeze easing my soul for all eternity.

Then and there in that parking lot, not pretty or exotic, His presence was made known to me to all if we but close our eyes and feel the breeze, if we but look into the sun and let it blind and take us to another place inside. There He is and here He shall remain in every drop of rain, ray of light, wispy cloud and in all the greatness of His vast creation.

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