The Maple and The Evergreen, November 8 Sunday Tidbit

Maple leaves among an evergreen tree

Maple leaves among an evergreen tree

It looks like a branch from a maple tree fell onto this evergreen tree.  However, when I looked more closely I found that the maple branch was growing from a different tree into the evergreen tree.  It looks completely out of place where it is.

People who try to live as Christ taught us are like that maple tree branch we live among the culture that does not value what we value for the most part.  It is said that they will know we are Christians by the way that we love.  It is true.  When we follow the example of Christ we do not look like others.  We love selflessly, not with the intent of what can I get from this, we use things not people, we give to those in need and do not judge whether they should be in need or not, we love everyone not just those who are easy to love.  It is not easy to stick out in the crowd but if we follow Christ this is what will happen. 

Are you ok with sticking out like the maple branch or would you rather just be another evergreen?  The choice is yours, God will love you whichever choice you make, He gives us free will.  So what will it be striving to be the maple or settling for the things of this world with the evergreen?

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