The Message of the Cross, February 14 Sunday Tidbit

A cross on a church building

So strong and powerful, such an undeniable presence is the cross in the life of a Christian. The Cross is the symbol of every Christian person’s core belief. That God gave his only son for us, so that we may have eternal life with God. It’s amazing how a simple symbol can conjure up such strong emotion for Christians. It speaks to the heart of each Christian giving them the story of the most almighty and unconditional love there ever was on this earth. Now it is up to us as Christians to carry on that love. We should hang upon the cross next to the thieves for we too are sinners. Jesus showed us by example pure forgiveness when he forgave those who drove the nails into the palms of his hands and those who stuck the crown of thrones into his skull. Christ died for us so that we may understand that love and that forgiveness.  As Christians we hold a great responsibility to not just say we believe in Christ but to live as Christ did among the poor, kissing the lepers clean, doing those things we deem dirty, loving those who don’t look like us.  That Cross is there to teach us to love our neighbors as ourselves and everyone is our neighbor, EVERYONE!

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