The mist in the distance, August 5 Daily Reflection

The mist in the distance

“Look at the mist Mom. Can you see it out there over the creek?” asked Anna.

“Just barely it’s beautiful” I replied as I moved closer to see if I could catch the scene with my little camera.

Transparent, fleeting, just barely visible, floating up from the sparkling waters of the creek bed one can see the mist if they look closely enough, if they concentrate, stand still enough and take in the beauty. The mist is so similar to God’s presence in our world. Our children can easily see God and goodness in almost all things and they try to point the goodness out to us very often. However, we are too busy getting things done to look up from our daily task to see what they want so badly to show us. When we do look up we need to not just glance and mindlessly say “Ok, yes that’s nice honey” and go back to our work. We need instead to stop working and not only look at what our children point out to us but to experience it for ourselves. This life seems endless yet the most significant happenings are ever so fleeting, so when we discover such a special occurrence we should stop and be a part of it. We should stand still, concentrate and let the beauty wash over us so we can feel and experience what are children do on a daily basis because of their innocence and keen sense of goodness in our world.

The mist like the presence of God is transparent yet just barely within our reach full of beauty and mystery. Often we miss God’s presence because He does not speak to us with a booming voice from a mountain top. Instead He makes himself known in the simple and quiet places of nature and our normal lives. If we are not concentrating and aware we will not see Him. Regardless of our experience in seeing God like the mist He is there and many will see and many will not ever notice. Will you be the parent that listens to the child and barely glances up or will you be the person who is aware and in touch with the presence of God in all places and people? The choice is yours daily. Will you choose to witness God in everyday life in the mist that surrounds you even today?

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