The Noise, October 28, 2011 Daily Reflection

The light fixture on the old barn

It was rattling in the breeze, the old metal light fixture hanging from the barn on the farm. Hearing it I drew closer to the barn searching out the source of that sound; it knocked, scraped and rattled. Looking up I finally realized where the noise was coming from and just stared for awhile.

It’s a mystery really where the noises are coming from, the voices, the advice, the morals, the values and the spirit in our lives. What is the source of our knowledge, our understanding of this world? Who gave us the values and taught us the morals we live by today in the here and now? How often do we feel the spirit move through our lives and not acknowledge that its God instead we say “Wasn’t that crazy”!

In your lifetime have you searched for the noise? Have you looked to the barn, that old broken down familiar place; your past? Do you want to search out the source of the sounds or do you want to just ignore them because you have more pressing matters to attend to in this life? Have you taken the time yet to look up and peer into the sky above you and just stare? Have you opened your mind to the possibility that it is not “Crazy” it, those actions or situations that have changed our lives is “God”?

When will you start the search? He calls us each by name. It is no mistake that you hear that sound and it is nagging you to search it out. When will you take the time to stand still, reflect on whom or what has formed you and look up and acknowledge God is calling you?

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