The Piano, December 27, 2012 Daily Reflection

Jake and Anna playing their new piano

Two of my sweet children, Anna and Jake have been taking piano lessons from their Great Aunt Mary K for about 3 months. They love to play her baby grand piano. We bought a keyboard when they started taking lessons. They both really treasure playing the piano and look forward to lessons. In November they both asked for a piano from Santa for Christmas. We considered where we would place a piano in our house. The only place was a room that we planned to renovate since we moved into the house six years ago.

The day after Thanksgiving when people were immersed in the Black Friday mess of shopping my family was tearing down wood paneling. Over the past month we have torn the walls down to the studs, hung dry wall, mudded, sanded and painted the new walls. My husband is still working on the trim. We did all of this with our own hands and my father in laws help just in case Santa Claus granted their wish for a piano.

Christmas morning Santa left a letter in the new room. It said that because they had been good children they would be receiving a piano. However, the weight of the piano was too much for the reindeer. So his good friends at a local piano shop would be delivering the piano on December 26th.

Wednesday we waited and it arrived, beautiful, black, polished and perfect. They were so excited. They each played the piano at least 1 hour that day. We had our parents over to see it. It is a beautiful addition to our new room. It was the reason we remodeled the room.

I told my daughter, Anna this is more than a gift from Santa this is now a piece of your heritage. My husband and I love to listen to our children to play their music. Our children make so many memories in their childhood. Tastes and smells take us back to our childhood.  I pray that my children will always be taken back to the warmth and love of family when they hear a piano being played in their future.

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