The Pinecones, February 22 Daily Reflection


Spencer's Pinecones

“Mommy, take a picture of the pinecones I found and do a blog about them! Tell about how they are very similar to each other but each one is very different.” Spencer, my 7 year old requested of me with pinecones falling from his overflowing hands.

It never ceases to amaze me how intricate nature is in God’s vast plan for this universe; from the speck of dust floating in the air to the towering oak trees. God is present within every living creation of our world. Some are grand and elaborate and others common and unnoticeable. The pinecones scattered about in the field where my son was playing tag caught his eyes as he crushed his little foot upon one.  He picked it up and then another and another. Spencer loves to collect things like pinecones, rocks, leaves anything in nature. He lined all the pinecones up so I could take a “good” picture. He’s right the pinecones are similar but each one is very different. Some are crushed from his forceful little feet others have just fallen from the tree and are still rounded. Some are skinny and others are plump.

Those pinecones are much like us. How many of us have been crushed by little feet and big feet? We have had our hearts crushed in many ways and the indentations are still obvious. Then there are those of us still new to it all untouched and unhurt yet. Some of us are skinny and others are plump yet we are all human. We are all a creation of God some seem grand and glamorous and others plain and simple. Regardless of our shape, size, appearance or experiences we are all creations of God and He dwells within each one of us. We are alike but we are all individuals. We should appreciate each and every person who crosses our paths for we have much in common with them without ever knowing them.

Treasure the differences of the pinecones but find comfort in their sameness. Treasure the individuality in one another and find solace in the oneness of the human race.


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