The Pleasures of Reading, November 24 Daily Reflection

Anna Reading

She is oblivious to the sun beating down on her face and engrossed in the book opened in her lap. She is that character in that adventure, in that moment fighting the dragons, executing the magic spells, flying into unchartered territory. She is intense and unshakeable, she is reading.

My children have loved books since they were tiny. They formed the habit as toddlers of taking books to bed with them each night to look at the pictures until the lights went out. As parents we have always read bed time stories but we also have special times to snuggle down with a good book together. At Christmas time we have our tradition of reading The Night Before Christmas on Christmas Eve before we put out the cookies for Santa. We also listen to Grandpa read the Nativity story from the Bible on our family Christmas gathering early on Christmas Eve.

It’s history, folklore, tradition, fantasy, education, escape, new ideas and food for our minds and our souls that we find between the pages of an outstanding book.

Read to them, let them read to you, make sure they witness you reading. Make it a part of your everyday life and reading will no longer be a chore but a pleasure for a lifetime. Take the time today to be engrossed in a book, escape, learn, rejoice, and simply read today.


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