The Power of Prayer, December 2, 2011 Daily Reflection

United prayer

The power of prayer unites us together with one voice to God.

A very good friend of mine who is only in her 50’s fell ill rather quickly.  All the educated guesses of the doctors point towards Lymphoma – a cancer of the lymphatic system.  As soon as I heard she was hospitalized I went to visit her. We talked and it was a relief to talk with my friend and see she is still right here with us. She asked me before I left to send out prayer requests on her behalf. I told her “I will ask for prayers from Africa to Croatia. That’s just what I did.

As horrible as the social networking can be it can also be utilized for the good of so many. I have said before if the apostles had access to Face Book or Twitter they would have used them to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ to the world. I started emailing prayer requests to over 400 of my personal email contacts. Then I posted prayer requests on Twitter. Then I went to Face Book, I have 2,800 friends so I thought that would be the greatest volume of prayers and I was right. Not only did I post requests in my update status, I also posted personal prayer request on at least 150 different people’s pages. From my sweet Croatian, Roza to my New York priest Father Don, to a group of Kenyan Seminarians in Africa. There are people praying for my dear friend from almost every state in the U.S. all across the world from Ireland, Europe, Australia, Africa, and British Columbia to Mexico. What else can I do but pray?

My dad believes in the power of prayer. Last spring he was diagnosed with colon cancer. The tumor was the size of a racquet ball and they got it all, it did not spread. He is fine now.  He attributes it completely to God answering the prayers of so many. We do not have the power to work miracles but God does and if we ask, beg and pray He may just do it.

Every thought I have leads to a prayer for my dear friend. Soon I believe God will tire of hearing Connie’s name. Ultimately it is all up to God and His will. Whatever His will is for Connie she will accept. I know her and she is filled with the Holy Spirit. She has moved so many souls closer to God’s love. She has lived her faith, loved her fellow man and preached the gospel with energy, enthusiasm and honesty through her actions. I believe that God will welcome her home and she will have the reward of eternal life with Him in heaven. But when he will decide to grant her that grace I do not know. So for now I will pray, my friends will pray, my faith community will pray, my Face Book friends will pray and we will do it with one united voice on Connie’s behalf to God.


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