The Power of words, June 7 Daily Reflection


The power of words is stronger than many of us ever realize. Many of us let all the words fall from our lips without thinking first and this type of talking usually does damage to others. Some of us weigh our words before speaking and many of us just listen to others. When something has been said by others that cuts us to the core of who we are and reveals insecurity causing it to bleed once more those words become etched in our character. When someone says something kind and caring that wakes a part of us that we never knew existed it can change our inner thoughts and motivate us to live a fuller life. Words can change our mind, attitude and our lives.

The spoken word is very powerful but so is the written word it is how we still learn and grow in our culture. We are taught at a young age to read so that we may understand the world better. The ability to read changes lives. The influence of the written word is mighty. Written words can repel us, make us sick to our stomach or they can paint a picture that relaxes our minds and eases our burdens.  We have the ability to stop reading and walk away from the written word or choose not to buy a book or read a website. With the spoken word it is a little more difficult without interacting with a person, we usually have to make a bold statement to ignore their words and offend them.

Some of the most powerful words ever written are in the Bible, just think it changes a person’s entire concept of living and dying. All religions have different books that guide their people and ideas that change their lives. What an awesome responsibility it is to weigh one’s words so that good may come from it instead of evil.

Two hands, ten fingers flying endlessly across a keyboard writing passionately the thoughts and ideas I believe God wants me to reveal to each of you every day, in this way I am privileged to have the responsibility  to write the words He places in my heart and in my thoughts. We must always remember to use our words for goodness and not as weapons through writing as well as talking, for the words you write and speak today will affect another for a lifetime!

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