The Pumpkin seeds, November 12 Daily Reflection

Pumpkin seeds

Sticky, gooey, stringy and slimy the pumpkin seeds lay in her hands.

“Can we bake them mom?”

“I want to plant them in the backyard. I want to have a pumpkin patch. Can we mom, can we?”

Those seeds clawed from the bowels of the pumpkin by my children’s curious hands hold many opportunities. We could just throw them in the trash can. We could bake salt and eat them or we could plant them in the earth and see if they will grow.

Daily we make those choices with pumpkin seeds, our work, our family and our own lives. What will we do with the choices? How do we make our choices in our lives on a daily basis? It happens so quickly and most times without conscious thought to the process that brings us our answers.  A great many choices are made in the heat of the moment because our pace in this life doesn’t allow for much thought. Other times we consider the consequences and use reason. Still other times we wait think on it, sleep on it, think on it and then make a decision.  It seems best to think before we make a decision but if we do that every time we may miss opportunities. So how do we decide?

Think about it for a moment do you personally base your choices on what serves you best at that moment? Do you make a decision based on convenience? Do you decide based on the good of others? Do you decide based on what is intrinsically good? How do you make your choices?

Today, you will make a choice; I would guess that we probably make at least 150 choices a day from what we will wear to whose future we will change from our actions. This day even if it is a split second decision after it is over reflect on what motivated you to make that choice. The better we get to know our motives the better we know ourselves.

What will you do with the pumpkin seeds today?

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