The Questionable Creek, June 20, 2013 Daily Reflection

My children

On a fieldtrip my children were told not to step foot into the creek. The water at this creek is very questionable. The quandary was how on earth would they be able to follow their friends who didn’t care if traces sewage seeped across their bare feet? My children cautiously used different strategies to step gingerly from one rock to the next. They felt challenged by the demand I put upon them. They searched for the largest, driest rocks, and the longest stretches of rock that they could cross.

Many times in life we feel like my children. We know that we don’t want the sewage in our lives but we see our friends and family trudging through it and we want to be with them regardless of the cost. We sometimes follow our loved ones through their wrong choices and are influenced to make the same bad decisions. Ever been there; especially as a teen?

Luckily as adults we are more self assured and confident enough to walk away from the sewage. However, if we feel our friends and loved ones need us we can use strategies to reach them without getting infected with it. We can love them in the middle of their mess and be there for them to guide them back to the shore.  We are capable of turning away and leading loved ones in the right direction. When we feel pulled to the creek and tempted by the laughter of our friends on the other side we need to listen to that inner voice and the gut feeling that is telling us it’s not worth the cost.

Next time you are standing on the shore make your own choice about where you want to put your feet and your life.

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