The Revolution, July 23, 2012 Daily Reflection

The Revolution – a ride at Holiday World

The Revolution is a ride at Holiday World that my kids love. They stand against the wall and are strapped in by a very small seat belt. The centrifugal force of this ride pins them to the wall. The motion accelerates, the lights become a blur of color and the music is no longer audible.

That ride is similar to the lives of so many parents in our culture today. We wake up and the motion starts. Like it or not we are pinned to the wall and the acceleration seems uncontrollable. We speed through our day, most of it a blur of lights and colors. When we hit our pillow at night, exhausted, we know that it will all happen again tomorrow.

How do we slow the motion? How do we see the colors and hear the voices in our life?

We need to slow down. If that means letting something go, let it go. We do not want to be pinned to the wall of our life and miss it all. We need to pause, evaluate and change. Take the time to exit the ride and figure out what works for you. Do it today before the ride is over.

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