The Roses, December 21 Daily Reflection

The Roses

The roses are fading, blackened and curled at the edges, the scent is all but diminished, the stems are bending and the weight of the roses are causing them to droop yet they are still beautiful. The women of our culture are all roses. The youngest are the brightly colored, fragrant, straight stemmed tall beauties not drooping anywhere yet. The middle aged have lost a little of the luster gained a bit of weight as gravity begins to pull us downward, yet the scent is still evident. The older women have the curled edges, the gray hair, the bent spines, the lack of the new luster yet they are one of the finest and most exquisite roses ever to be held in a vase. The oldest are the wisest and in their wisdom they find that it is not how straight your stem stands, it is not how bright your color appears it is how you feel within that keeps one from letting the last pedal fall to the ground. Wisdom comes with age and experience, the youngest knows beauty and simple pleasures, the aged understands that beauty changes from outward appearances to how your life is lived.

God does not see us for our youth but for our kindness and love to others. God does not judge us by our shapes, makeup and hairstyle, but by our actions, intentions and life experiences. God sees value in every one of his creations. So as women in this culture we need to stop looking outwardly for our value and look within and find the wisdom, the kindness and the goodness that God sees so clearly in YOU each in every day.

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