The Search, January 14 Daily Reflection

Jake searching for something in the puddle

Jake searching for something in the puddle

I think it was a worm he was searching for in the puddle but maybe it was a leaf, one never knows with a four year old boy!  That being said I guess we are all like four year old boys!  Who among us is not searching for something but not sure what?  With our heads bowed looking at what we think may bring us happiness, satisfaction or success. It seems the human race is always searching for something.

What are you personally searching for at this moment in your life?  Are you searching for a quiet place to escape the noise of your toddler beating on his pots and pans?  Are you searching for peace of mind that allows you a chance to breathe in and exhale slowly?  Are you searching for that magic cure to make discipline for your 6 year old truly work?  Are you searching for the perfect job where you can balance family and work?  Are you searching for your soul mate a person who will love you unconditionally and spend your life with?  Are you searching for comfort through financial stability?  Are you searching for an understanding of your very existence?  Are you searching and you have no idea what for?

We are all searching constantly. The search is what helps us to grow and discover ourselves more deeply.  Sometimes throughout the search we find dead ends that we thought would lead to happiness.  When we reached that final destination like the perfect job and realized it did not complete us.  When we found the perfect spouse and felt 80% full but there was still more to find.  When we finally reached that financial stability and realized that things didn’t feel our deepest needs. When our children start to listen to us and we still felt a bit empty. 

We as humans search within our realm of reasoning.  Nothing will fill us all the way up except for the love of God; not the perfect job, not the perfect love of our life, not the excellent children, and all the money in the world cannot touch what we are truly searching for. We are searching for; acceptance, unconditional love, a reason to live, a purpose in this life and how to live our lives.  The search should be embraced.  If we were handed these answers we would not appreciate or understand them.  Each time we search we find a piece of God in our spouse, in our children, in our co-workers and in our lives.  One thing will never make you complete.  It is the culmination of the search. The truth you seek you will find in the eyes of God.  The desire of your heart will be complete when you one day merge into eternal existence with God. Here on earth in our everyday lives we will continue to search and we will find God and happiness and goodness if we seek it out.

So keep on searching but instead of looking only at the goal take wisdom from the people, the feelings and the knowledge you learn along the way. For one day the search will be over.


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