The Shadow, August 29 Sunday Tidbit

Shadow of a tree branch

“Mom you have to take a picture of this. Come here mom look at it.” Anna said breathlessly on the trail in the woods.

The shadow of the leaves is so vivid that if one only glanced they would think it was the actual plant. Yet, the strength of the sunlight is what cast the shadow so crisply upon the dirt of the beaten down trail we ran upon.

God radiates a light so brightly that if we choose to accept it the shadow He can cast comes through our actions, words, eyes and lives. If we open our hearts to God and let Him fill us with His eternal grace the shadow He will cast will be our lives reflecting Him. If we truly live in His Light people will catch a glimpse of God’s presence when they look upon us.

 The question is: Are you willing to open yourself up to His Light through your life?

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