The Shadows & The Light, July 14, Daily Reflection


Half in the sun

The picture is of a decoration that hangs in the garden down the way from my home. Half in the glaring light of day the other shaded in the darkness of the shadow. In our lives we have both the light that shines upon us and encourages our goodness and kindness and the darker side that hides from the goodness in the shadows, the self doubt, the judgmental attitude and any unkind thoughts. We are all human and made up of both the light and the dark. The choice is ours which we choose to succumb to daily.

Many of us fight the shadows hourly, those thoughts that continuously invade our good nature. We struggle to subdue the darkness. With ease many of us fall into the shadowy places within and hide there.  In our daily lives we are invited into the shadows by others who surround us; the coworker that greatly enjoys talking about others down falls, the boss that seems to point out every negative characteristic about our work habits, and the friend that only complains and never seems to be happy with life.

In order to seek out the light we must search diligently within our souls and our daily lives. We have to see beyond the monotony of ordinary life. When the shadows creep in and the conversations turn to ill will or complaints we must refocus and try to bring light and goodness to escape the shadows. The power of positive thinking and action will bring you to the light. Only in the light can we grow, in darkness we wither and fade.

God created us as human not divine. God knows that we have self doubt and many defects that lead us away from His goodness. However God is constantly shining His light into our lives, through our children’s laughter and innocent words, through our loved one’s unconditional love, through the beauty of nature that springs forth in every season, through our answered prayers and through all the love we have ever been given so freely in our lifetime. God gave us free will so the choice is ours to stay in the shadows and stunt our growth or to flourish in light of God’s eternal grace.

What choice will you make today? What choice will you make tomorrow?

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