The Sign, March 10 Daily Reflection

The Sign

I drove under this sign and never even saw it when I was lost the other day looking for that exact restaurant! How is it possible that I did not see the sign? It is a billboard for goodness sake, huge, brightly colored with the correct directions to get to my desired endpoint and yet I never even saw it. How is that possible?

I was depending upon my memory and sense of direction which is human and very poor. I never looked up.

Seems to me this happens often in many of our lives daily. We are trying to find that location, that place where are friends await us, our food will fill us, a place where we can rest and be at peace. But we rely on ourselves to get there. We rely on our own limited knowledge, memory and directions. When it was right there in front of us and we never looked up to find it.

What would happen if we look up? What would happen if we stopped the car, safely, and looked around for guidance and direction? Would God give us such a sign? Has God already given you a sign? Is the sign as big as a billboard right there in front of your face yet, you cannot seem to see it?

The signs that God gives us daily are different for each and every one of us. We are all unique coming from different directions yet in search of the same sustenance, friendship, love and peace. Today, stop your car, calm your soul, and look up for that sign that will guide you to where God wants you to rest in Him.

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