The Smile in the snow, March 15 Daily Reflection

Smile in the snow

She took a stick and drew the circle, eyes, mouth and nose and there where a blank sheet of snow had been now was a shining smile. My daughter took the feelings she had that day walking through the snow and showed it to all who would pass that way, that in the moment she was happy there.

Can we be so bold as my 9 year old daughter? Can we take a stick and draw upon the ground a way to share our positive attitude with others we will never meet? Would we dare to share our feelings? We are adults and know better than to talk to strangers.

The purpose of life is to share our love with others. Can it be so easy?

We don’t need the stick or snow we just need the smile. Today, take that positive attitude you have and place it on your face. It doesn’t cost a penny. It doesn’t pain your body just take a little time and smile at everybody!

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