The Snow, December 8 Daily Reflection

Fallen Snow

The snow is like a soft white fleece blanket that just drapes itself across the landscape, it’s pure, white and soothing to the eyes. As the temperature drops and the flakes begin to fall breathe it all in deeply and know that there remains so much more.

Someone in His wisdom designed the intricate lacing of each and every snowflake for a reason. In His nature and creation we should find the peace of the quiet falling snow, the beauty of the scenery now changed by the color, the air now frozen and crisp. Life changes daily but rarely do we pause long enough to notice the slightest transformations. The seasons that God has created in His vast nature gives us pause we have no choice but to observe such beauty when it surrounds us.

Look out your office window, glance out your back door, take your cup of coffee to your kitchen window and just take it in the freshly fallen snow and the beauty God has lavished our day with today!

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