The snowball, December 7 Daily Reflection

Jake making a snowman

In the midst of my children launching snowballs at one another I noticed my youngest crouched down on the ground rolling a snowball. As he scooted across the frozen snow covered grass the ball became bigger and bigger until it was big enough to be the base of a snowman but it started out as just a little snowball.

How many snowballs do we unintentionally roll into snowmen in our lives? You know when you have that nagging doubt in your mind that someone doesn’t care for you and every time you see them they say something that adds to your doubts and suddenly you just know they hate you, when in reality they probably never had a problem with you to begin with? When you start to doubt your ability to do something and before you know it, it has become something you no longer feel capable of doing anymore? We do that in our minds when we allow doubts to creep into our thoughts. Our thoughts control our words which control our actions which make up who we are and how we act in our everyday lives hence the foundation of the snowman has formed.

A friend of mine shared what she does when doubt creeps into her thoughts she whispers “Satan get behind me!”  Evil whether we want to face it or not exists in our world today and like the stories of old it always comes down to good vs. evil. Doubt is evil and destructive, a little doubt helps us to reflect and can set us on the right path but too much nags at our soul and sours our tongues. The kind words and positive internal dialogue is the good that can combat the evil. In those moments of self doubt we need to take that huge snowball throw it on the ground and let it fall back into the tiny flakes that formed it. It is the tiny thoughts that build the bigger thoughts. We need to stay aware and not let that doubt and negativity bring us down.

Think about a doubt you have had recently confront it rationally, not emotionally, is it something you should change about yourself? Is that doubt rational? Will that doubt help you or anyone in your life? If it is in fact “evil”-harmful and causing suffering, completely negative and unbeneficial to your existence then let it go. Drop that doubt on the ground and let it shatter, when the flakes are separated from one another they are tiny and easier to deal with than when they have been smashed together and rolled in the snow.

Today, let go of the doubt, let those little snowflakes fall to the ground and choose to walk  past them.

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