The Steps, January 4 Daily Reflection



Up the steps, running to get to the dinner table, down the steps running to pick up the child who has fallen, up the steps to answer mom’s call to me, down the steps to get the laundry, up the steps to answer the phone, down the steps to check my emails, up the steps to answer the front door, down the steps to avoid the arguments from the kids upstairs.  We as moms and children live our lives on the steps.  Constant movement and shouting up and down the steps every day.  It took forever before my basement was finished and we could use those steps, that high traffic staircase.

Stairs – a series or flight of steps. We have stairs and steps in many different aspects of our lives. We feel called to answer the boss man so we climb the steps, we feel pulled by our family so we descend the steps.  We feel the push and drive to get to the top of our career so we climb the steps. We hear the call of our children’s school to help or volunteer for projects or parties and don’t know which way to go on the steps up or down.  We feel a pull from God and to find Him so do we go up or down?  We feel the secular world, with all its temptations for the good life calling us in every direction of the steps.  Sometimes we just stop in the middle of the stairs, collapse, head in our hands and have lost all sense of direction.  “Which way was I going, and what was I going to do?”

It would be so much simpler if the stairs were marked better. Instead we have to figure it out as we go.  Staircases in other homes may seem more desirable and cleaner than our own but they are not, you just can’t see all the stains.  Our steps are worn down and so are we.  However, we cannot avoid the staircase of life.  We must choose the way to go daily, we must decide what is best for our family, our job, our children, our church and our God.  God doesn’t spell it out for us, it seems like He just watches up and down and up and down.  That’s how it feels.  Running the steps trying to get to….

So how should we look at that staircase?  Should we approach it with tired legs, worn down and beat down by all the sacrifices?  Should we approach it with energy, positive thinking and ready to give more?  What matters most is that you always brave the stairs, you don’t give up, and you never stop trying.  God is waiting for you at the top, at the bottom and many days God is the one who carries you both ways!

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