The Sun, The Center, May 22, 2012 Daily Reflection

The sun lighting my path

The sun; the center of the universe, the light, the warmth, the provider, the energy, the way we live. The sun comes up in the morning softly, gently with pastel hues of soothing colors. Then it wakes us and shines upon our paths throughout our day to provide light for our way. In the evening it softens when the work is complete and bids us goodnight with the sunset and its mystifying afterglow.

What is the center of your universe? What or who wakes you with kindness, encouragement and a soothing word or two? What or who gives light to your day and shines brightly the way in which you know you should go? What or who lets you relax, wind down and provides you with an afterglow within that makes you feel as though your day had purpose and worth?

God is the sun, the center of my life, the dawn that breaks the darkness, the voice that guides me throughout my day, the feeling within that says you tried your best today, now rest. I feel that sun, my God in my husband’s tender kiss goodbye in the morning and my children’s hugs goodbye at school. I feel the heat of my day through my work, my words and my sweat. I feel the afterglow when I listen to my children laugh and giggle playing together after dinner and I snuggle with my husband at night. I am wrapped in God’s sun light throughout my day.

Today, think about the center of your universe and how it affects you every day.

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