The Sunshine, December 5 Saturday Tidbit

Treasured gift from Tara

Treasured gift from Tara

My best friend Tara gave me this special globe.  The heart says “The Sun is always shining somewhere”.  She is a psychiatrist who was just sent to Iraq with the army to serve our troops.  I glanced at it and thought about her and said a prayer for her.  It’s true no matter how bad it is the sun is always shining somewhere.  Through all our trials and tribulations will come the sun from the sky and the Son of God who will extend his hand to us to help us up and through the hard times to see the good times once more.  Tara may not see the sun shining over there in Iraq but the Son of God is shining in her life helping to support her through this. 

 Let the “Son” always shine in your life

 to pull you through,

lift you up


shine right through you.

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