The Sweetest… April 5 Daily Reflection

Sunset I witnessed in San Diego CA

There are so many significant experiences that we will hold dear to our hearts all of our lives, here are some of mine:

The sweetest sounds in my life: My Daddy saying “Who wants to be my Valentine?” , My husband saying “I am crazy about you”, cries of my newborn babies at birth, the first verbal coo from each baby, sounds of laughter and giggling from my kids when they play together, my children saying “I love you mommy”, my children’s prayers, voices lifted in harmony in sincere praise of God, music from phantom of the opera and other musicals and Irish music as well.

The sweetest smells in my life: Cinnamon bread baking Christmas morning (my mom made it when I was little), smell of newly fallen rain on asphalt in the middle of a hot summer, scent of firewood burning wafting from chimneys in the late fall, leaves burning, a campfire, a charcoal grill during a cook out, fresh roses, baby oil on my little babies after a bath, and vanilla candles.

The sweetest sites in my life: My daddy pulling in the driveway home from work when I was a child, the glow after a sunset (especially over an ocean), every time my boyfriend (now my husband) got out of his little GTI and walked across my front yard, seeing each of my babies for the first time after their births, witnessing my children caring for one another when they didn’t know I was standing there, the look in my children’s eyes that says “You are my world, my security, my mommy and I love you.”

The sweetest tastes in my life: Taste of sweat when I was running my hardest playing softball or tennis as a child and running races or working out as an adult, taste of vanilla ice cream with honey and bananas while sitting on the front porch swing on a rainy day in the summertime with my neighborhood friends as a child, the first kiss that began my wedding night when we had those rings on our fingers, cheesecake when savored slowly with my husband, when I kiss my kids on their foreheads at night or when they have fallen down.

The sweetest touches in my life: The feel of my little hand in my Daddy’s big strong hand; security no matter where I was, every single time my husband wraps his arms around my waist from behind and squeezes me hello, the feel of my little babies brand new skin, the tight squeeze of my children’s hand in mineĀ  knowing I am the one who gives the security now, when my husband touches my face, when my children kiss me on my cheek and give me tight hugs, every hug I have ever received from a friend or a loved one.

What are your sweetest experiences, brief moments of bliss in your life? Take a moment to think about each one; sound, smell, site, taste and touch…

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