The Sweetest Treat of All, January 28, 2014 Daily Reflection

10lb chocolate bar

10lb chocolate bar

Last summer we went on a field trip to Grater’s Ice Cream Company. The man here is showing us the size of the 10 lb chocolate bar they break up in their ice cream.  Seems like a little too much chocolate in the ice cream right? Well, it gets distributed throughout many different batches of ice cream. If you have ever had Grater’s ice cream you LOVE the chocolate chunks in it.

The love God gives the world is like that 10lb piece of chocolate. He gives it to us in what seems like little pieces at different times in our lives. Which doesn’t seem like much but if you have ever experienced even a tiny portion of God’s chocolate you will LOVE Him for it.

God actually gives us more love daily than we can ever imagine. If you are a parent you know that overwhelming feeling of love you feel for your children. That love that makes you realize without a second thought you would give your own life for that person. When you try to explain this type of love to someone who is not a parent it is impossible. Because until you experience this unconditional love it is just hearsay. But once you have had your own child you feel it, live and love that person more than you ever thought your heart could love another human being.

God is our father and that feeling we feel for our own children is how God feels for each and every one of us. God did lay down His life for us. God does love us without condition. We can’t understand it with our human minds and the closest we will ever come to that love is our love for our children.  So, as God’s children we need to accept God’s love and constantly seek God’s guidance and enjoy the chocolate that God gives to us daily…it is the sweetest treat of all…

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