The Swingset of life, November 26 Daily Reflection

My boys swinging

My boys swinging, Spencer’s up and Jake is down. It is a continuous flow of swinging.  They are not at all synchronized but in their own rhythm on the same swing set. Just as the swing set is the world and humanity is not in synch but some of us are up and some of us are down.  When we begin to think we understand the swing shifts and suddenly we seem to be within a different rhythm, unpredictable at times. Yet, how boring would life be if we only sat on the swing and never allowed it the motion it was intended to produce?

Some of us jump on the swing early in life and challenge its height by soaring as high as possible as our bottom comes up off of the seat. Some of us jump from the highest point to see how far we can make it. While others of us swing at a slower pace because the motion bothers our stability, we are content to take it slow and easy. Others of us swing at a steady pace not fearing the height but content with swinging in a less obvious manner to others. It’s all so individualized to our personalities, our upbringing, our experiences with falling off of the swing or never having gotten on to begin with.

In your life at this moment are you on the upswing, speeding through life with great bliss and motion? Are you on the down swing, gravity is forcing you to witness the negative part of life? Are you just content with the ups and downs neither one being very significant right now? Are you ready to jump from the highest point because you can’t take it anymore? Are you waiting and watching all the others on the swings just wondering if you should take your turn now?

It is important to pause and reflect on where you are in life. If you cannot see where you are and find self awareness how can you grow or change? Today, take a few moments to ponder the swings in your own life.


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