The Trickling water, January 13 Daily Reflection

Trickling Waters

Even with the snow’s presence the trickling water still makes a path through the cold of the snow, not yet turning to ice. The trickle of water can wear away rock over years of persistence. That is how natural rivers are created by time and water running through without stop. With patience one will find change through never ending persistence.

We humans are so impatient with everything. As children we felt like a school hour of a class we hated lasted 24 hours, the weeks before Christmas lasted months, the only thing that flew by was summer time because we loved it so much. When we became teens it seemed like forever before we could drive and then we wanted a job and to go to college. Waiting for our weddings took an eternity and being pregnant for 9 months the first time took a lifetime. We do not like to wait and see. We like to have instant gratification, that is what secures our economy, that we will make impulse purchases because we cannot wait.

Waiting is not a bad thing in fact there is much to be learned from the virtue of patience. When we slow down time a bit and live in the moment, in the present instead of thinking of that next thing we have to do and the next place we have to be, we actually live for a moment. If instead of ripping the wrapping off of our next gift immediately, we looked at the package, appreciated the wrapping and wondered what was inside the box then we will indeed savor the process of opening the gift more. There is time. Our culture will have you believe there is no time, we must go, go, go but my friends the world will not stop if we pause to live in each moment. The world will continue to turn on its axis if we take time to breathe again.

It is in the living, the patience of taking in each moment, the persistence of continuing to be in each moment that we can wear away the anxiety of our world. If we persistently slowed down our pace, breathe more often, appreciate the people in our lives, listened to God through each other and simply lived from moment to moment we could change our existence. Like the trickling water we must do it slowly, baby steps, but all the time. Try slowing down one part of your life today. Wake up earlier and just be in the first moments of your day without running in a panic to get out the door. Make the time to simply breathe and take in the opportunity of a new day. Try taking a few minutes to yourself, take a walk, gaze out a window at the falling snow and just let your mind rest. These are practices that are simple yet effective over time if you are persistent.

Today let yourself be that trickling water that forms a lasting change in your own life.

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