The View, November 21, 2013 Daily Reflection

Ferris Wheel at Navy Pier

Ferris Wheel at Navy Pier

We could not leave Chicago before we were able to ride on the Ferris wheel on the Navy Pier! As a family we boarded the cart and took off, slowly of course. We were very high up, but it was nothing compared to the Willis Tower. We could see so much of Chicago from that perspective.

When you are at the top it’s easy to look down. When you are at the bottom all you can seem to do is to look up. The majority of us are right smack dab in the middle. Are you looking up to where you wish you could be? Are you looking down on those who you once were? Are you looking straight ahead and happy with your view? Are you bowing your head and thanking God for all He has blessed you with in this life?

From what perspective are you viewing your life from this day?

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