The Wall, March 9, 2012 Daily Reflection

My son sitting on a wall

He sits on the wall his future before him his short past behind him. An open field beyond and the bright shining sun above him. He has been given all he needs love, faith, and understanding but he is still a child and is not yet ready to take on the world alone. But how many children sit on that same wall with the past behind them and a grim future in front of them. So many have not been given the precious gifts that my son receives daily. So many children are born to those who never wanted them and do not know how to care for them. Too many children are born into abuse, addiction, violence, neglect and poverty.  They do not say their prayers together each night but instead fear the night and what it may bring. They do not get a hot breakfast each morning but instead listen to their tummies groan for food knowing they have to wait for the school lunch, their one hot meal that day. Too many go home to a lonely apartment and watch TV because there is no one waiting for them to help them with their homework. Many have parents who did want them and do love them but they have to work 2-3 jobs just to pay the bills to keep the lights on and the neglect does not come from a place of abuse but trying to make ends meet.

All children will eventually sit on that wall and although from a distance they all look like equal children with the same opportunities they are not. With love, faith, support and trust they will have the confidence and the knowledge to seek a bright future. When a child has fear, low self esteem, confusion and little to no support the future is daunting and grim. Which child is your child? Which child were you?


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