There is no distance, May 21, 2018 Daily Reflection

I taught my students that sin is anything that distances you from God, self, others or creation. I have learned through a 4 year master’s degree, spiritual direction, and my spiritual director that NOTHING CAN DISTANCE US FROM GOD. There is no distance because the divine spark resides within our soul. Nothing we can think, say, do, or believe can distance us from our creator, the beloved, the giver of all life. I feel bad that I taught this idea. However, I didn’t realize how deep that the divine dwells deep within my soul. The last 4 years have been a revolution in my understanding of God. I have always had a close relationship with God since my first memories of life. Now, I understand that relationship to be more intimate yet God’s presence to be more vast and completely all inclusive to every creation. No matter what you have done or failed to do God is never distant from you, NEVER!


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