There They Sit, March 15 Daily Reflection

Teens at Cardboard Box Village

There they sit in their little isolated boxes in silent reflection of their experiences from the last 24 hours. Each teen took a journey called the Cardboard Box Village. They experienced the excitement of setting up little homes, the giggling only friends can do when they know they are going to have a sleep over, they felt the sadness wash over them as they thought of the teens their age on the streets just searching for survival knowing their own stomach would be well nourished soon, while others go hungry and miss yet another meal.

 They contemplate the talks they have listened to, the statistics they have researched as they hear the reality that brings them each to life through the biographies read aloud; an abandoned 8 year old, an illiterate teenager passed though the school system, a dad just down on his luck, a woman beaten and on the run, all true stories of people they now connect with,  they represented those teens if only for a moment in time, they prayed for them and breathed in that too harsh reality and injustice of life. They ponder it all confused, unsure yet hopeful that they can make a difference. There they sit the same teen with a little more knowledge, a little more empathy and a new perspective.

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