They Look Up to Us, May 18, 2012 Daily Reflection

Statue outside of Fenway Park

This statue stands outside of Fenway Baseball Park in Boston, MA. It tells a story to all who see it. It strikes a chord in the hearts of every parent. Children look up to us. We are their role models. They want to walk in our footsteps. They want to be us when they grow up.

The question is “Are you taking the time to hand down the hat to them?” Are you giving the children in your life the guidance, support and encouragement to be the best person he/she can be? Your child watches everything you do; the good and the bad. What is your child watching? What is your child learning?

All our children want is to be loved! That’s it. But as parents we have been blessed with a responsibility to love, guide, and support and encourage them in their life journey. Are you doing that for your child? Today, ask yourself that question. We all need to check in with ourselves from time to time before our child checks out.

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