They Love Him, December 29, 2013 Daily Reflection

My children and my dad

My children and my dad

You cannot imagine how much they love him. My children LOVE my Dad and they should, he is grandpa to them!! My dad has been my best friend since I was a little girl and I love that my children love him like I do. His birthday is on Christmas Eve. We made a tradition years ago that Dad comes over early on Christmas Eve morning and I make breakfast for him while my children make cards for him. We always put a candle in his blueberry pancake or omelet and sing happy birthday to him.

A parent’s love is the first love we have that sets the example of how to love. A mother’s love is deep and all giving. A father’s love is strong and precious. God’s love is given to us first through our parents. I am beyond blessed that my parents were (and still are) capable of loving me unconditionally. They taught me and that is how I love my children now. That is how my dad (their grandpa) loves them. God’s love for each of us is as tender as a mother and as strong as a father and as unconditional as the love that Christ showed by hanging on that tree for each one of us.

Love your children as deeply and fully as God loves you and they will love your descendants just as much!

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