They Wait, August 16, 2012 Daily Reflection

Hospital Hallway

They sit waiting for their name to be called; one with an oxygen tank, several with walkers, a few who have lost their hair. Some who have their spouses by their sides, others with their grown children, some alone; all of them simply waiting for their blood to be drawn, their treatments to be administered, their scans to be scanned; some feeble, others strong, many apprehensive, some comfortable with this new routine in their life. With one thing in common they are all here in this room for a reason.

Upon her face the questions are written. Between the wrinkles and the lines stories have been formed, a life has been lived and now her mortality hangs before her more noticeable than ever. Is this it? Will it be so soon? Will I have time? Will there be pain? Will I make it to heaven? Where did I put that Bible? Should I talk to a priest? What is next? Her name is called, his name is called and back they walk down that long hospital hall with a kind nurse leading the way….to treatment, tests, another prognosis…to their future.

What can we do to help them? We can comfort them, love them, say a kind word, spend some time with them, listen to them, support them and care for them. Most of all we can remember each and everyone of them tonight in our prayers. Each and every one.


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