All Things are Possible with God, May 8, 2017 Daily Reflection

“With God all things are possible” – Matthew 19:28

It is true with God at your side the obstacles seem smaller. God’s comfort gives us rest. God’s strength gives us motivation. God’s presence gives us confidence. God’s love gives us courage. We can do nothing alone. We can do all things with God. I am but one person, God is the creator of all. I am not so egocentric to think that I alone can change the world. I can change the world with the power of God working through me. This will work when we decide to let God be a part of our lives. When we allow God to use us as an instrument for his will. When we grow so close to God that we don’t know if it’s our will or his will because they have become united as one will. What a beautiful place to be in life. To know that all things are possible with God.


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