This Gate, June 17 Daily Reflection

The Gate to the ball fields

They enter this gate to play their games. They come to the game with clean uniforms, high energy and so much hope that they will crack that bat, catch that fly ball and strike that batter out. They enter the gate with their moms, dads, papaws and grandmas ready to show them what they got!

The grandparents enter the gate always so proud to point out just which child is their grandchild. The parents are always rushing the kids through the gate to get them to the game on time. They play in the heat of the summer time, in the crisp air of the fall, in the gyms in the winter and the sweet smells of the spring time. They stop by this table and pay to watch history in the making.

They pass the table on their way out much dirtier than they arrived some with smiles, jumping up and down and telling of how they hit that home run. Others leave lamenting their loss by 1 run. Parents and grandparents tell the children how proud they were of how they played that day. Little do the children realize these are the moments that will burn in their memories for a lifetime? When they are 35 they will look back and think my papaw came to that game that day to watch me play! My parents said they were proud of me. This gate, this table holds a place of significance to watch memories being made every time a game is played by another child.

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