This is my 1,000th blog! March 18, 2012 Sunday Tidbit


God Alone

Back on July 6, 2009 when I started this journey of blogging my dad, who is my best friend, said to me “Lori, how on earth are you going to write something new every day?” My response was “God will let me know what to write.” He was skeptical but I never was. Now 1,000 reflections later I still am not out of material to write about! If you wonder how I do it the truth is God inspires my writing. I constantly want to preach but my fingers find different key strokes and what is said is inspired by God. I pray constantly that God will continue to inspire me. My mission is to bring people closer to God one word, one tidbit, one reflection, one talk, one retreat, (praying one book), at a time. Because I have faith in God He does provide the thoughts, the pictures and the words. Thank you God for all 1,000 reflections it is all because of you!!!!!

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