Time, January 19 Daily Reflection



It never stops during earthquakes, floods, tornados or blizzards. It never stops during births, deaths, first steps, first words, rainbows or weddings. It can be counted and counted upon for constant motion. Nothing absolutely no person or thing can ever stop it: TIME.

Are we living our lives racing against time or are we spending our time embracing every second we have been given?  Are we trying to sleep through it, numb ourselves with alcohol or whatever drug of choice or are we trying to soak up every sunrise and dance to every sunset breathing in the air like it is a treasured element of life? Are we waiting for the time to go faster so we can get out of this existence or are we trying to write every memory and take pictures of every special event? Are we living, existing and taking up space until we expire or are we living, enjoying, loving and giving who we are to others, to seize the day and the moment with all that we are?

How will you spend your time today?

In an office stuck behind a desk staring at a screen typing in senseless information that means nothing in the scheme of life? Are you at home doing laundry, that will just be dirty again, cleaning counters that will just be dirty again, cleaning children’s cheeks that will just be dirty again?  Are you on some tropical island watching a sunset on a white sandy beach holding the hand of someone you love?  Are you on a vacation of a lifetime seeing the most beautiful churches ever constructed?

No matter the place time continues. It is what you make of the time, the place, the attitude, the emotion, the mission, the goal, the living.

As boring as your job may be your attitude can change that. Think of the people who work with you, the people you come in contact with, the people you help by completing the task at hand. You may not be saving the world but you’re doing your part to provide for your family. As annoying as laundry and countertops are to clean you are doing it for your family from the love you have for them.  Those children’s cheeks will one day be adults and never let you clean the peanut butter again, so enjoy each mess upon their smiles. It’s in your attitude. You may be on a vacation of a lifetime but if your attitude is disappointment you may as well be in an office doing stats. It’s all in your attitude.

Today decide how do you want to live?  Do you want to seize the day?  Do you want to embrace where you are, who you are and where you are going your life?  Do you want to love the ones your with like there is no tomorrow? Time will stop for no one, in reading this you have lost some.  Or in reading this did you gain some insight to help you embrace the next 5 minutes of your existence?


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