Time Passes, June 28, 2018 Daily Reflection

Time changes life

Time passes and nothing ever stays the same. Changes occur in life. That is a fact of existence. We have the ability to choose how to react to the passage of time. We can accept it, appreciate the past, embrace the present, and look towards the future. We can choose to not accept the changes, stubbornly live as though the changes are negative; complain, regret, and ruminate on the passage of time. We can choose to ignore the passage of time and pretend like things are still the same. Perhaps we can choose to react with grace, gratitude, acceptance, and love. No one is perfect and change is difficult for everyone to some degree. However, we can try our best to react with kindness and acceptance.
Think about the last change you had to accept. How did you deal with it? Are you happy with that or could you grow from the situation? The passage of time in inescapable but our reaction is our choice. You make the choice.

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