Time Together, November 10, 2017 Daily Reflection

NY Time Square

Me and my husband were able to go to the New York City Marathon last weekend. We have not been on a trip together in 2.5 years. The last time was to Boston, for the marathon, thank God for marathons. It was a much-needed trip. It was time away from the normal responsibilities of every day life. A break from work, chores, bills, school, and everything else. Instead of everything we just hung out as a couple, explored the city of New York and had a wonderful time together.

Life can be overwhelming especially as parents and responsible adults. Everyone needs to take time away and celebrate each other. Date nights are great but trips away from it all are so good for couples. It is time to realize you like spending time together and how much you actually miss each other.
This weekend try to find the time for a date night. Get away from normal life, talk to each other and just have a fun time together, it is healthy and needed for every relationship. As soon as possible plan a trip together, you will not regret it!

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