A Tiny Whispering Sound, August 10, 2014 Sunday Tidbit


Why do we believe that God will only come to us with a voice from the heavens, in the mighty wind, an earthquake or a fire? Why do we believe that the only way the almighty will be revealed is with power and strength?

In 1Kings 19: 11-13 Elijah finds himself on Mount Sinai, the same mountain where God revealed himself to Moses. Elijah waits to see God through all the mightiness of nature. However, it is in “a tiny whispering sound” that God chooses to be revealed.

God is unpredictable. We cannot put God in a box and know His every move. God can be in the mighty or the mild. Our job is to continuously look and listen for God in our lives. It seems easier to find God in the big things but when we listen we can hear God in the quietest times. Today, consider the way you expect God to be revealed and how you truly think it will happen.

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